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Diplomacy In Focus series of magazines are regular commentaries on India's foreign policy. While covering Ministry of External Affairs, journalist Harun Riaz noticed that India's mainstream media is not providing news coverage of Africa, Latin America, Central Asia, South East Asia and even the not so distant Gulf region. We have tried to fill this critical gap.

We began our modest journey in 2003 and will complete 15 years this June of 2018. Have brought out close to 315 special magazines. We have spoken to those, who are not heard, yet important for us in terms of trade, business, economic linkages, culture and shared future.

Idea came from Raj Kumar Verma, who had gained in-depth knowleger of printing and he knew that newspaper supplements have a short term shelf life compared to a specialised publication.

Colleagues who have been part of this small efforts are Ajit Thakur, Hari Sharma, Arjun Mishra, Alam, Shilpy Arora, Shilpi Aggarwal, Aditi Bhan, Jai Narain Ram, Debjani Sahu, Mayuri Datta, Nusra and Khushboo Kumari.